Abhivyakti- Create, Click & Express

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The program ‘Abhivyakti’, meaning ‘Self Expression’ envisages teaching the art of photography, using hands-on science and math concepts. It starts with the math behind building the camera, moves to the physics and optics of image formation, leads to the chemistry of developing film and finally ends with an exhibition of the captured images. Abhivyakti is a creative and interactive program that allows children to express their feelings and emotions through the art of photography. 

Have a sneak peak into the program:


 The Abhivyakti sessions started on 12th Jan. 2015 and continued until 5th March 2015. 301 girls from seven government schools in Kolar and Hubli district were part of this initiative.Students were divided into 10 batches with 30 students in each batch to facilitate better understanding. Every student had ten exposures. The project Abhivyakti was conducted in four stages- Knowing photography, expression through photography, developing and printing photographs, and exhibiting them. 





  1. siva Amirthavalli

    it's very nice to see that some people are working for disadvantage group,if it is Ok talk about what will be Cost to visit and staying in your place is good.
  2. agasthiya

    its really surprising for me because I was searching playfully abt my name but it was my dream to create a foundation like this and it is already done.so by the by I like to give my service to this foundation even I don't complete my higher secondary education after completing I would do my service to this foundation

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