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A face lighting up.
Eyes widening.
Wildly gesticulating hands and fingers.
Excited chattering.
Secrets - whispered sometimes, spoken loudly other times.
A flurry of questions.
The shy smile of having understood something.
These are the unmistakable sparks of curiosity.

Every day, Agastya meets thousands of children across 10 states in India. Through a host of programs, Agastya attempts to spark the natural curiosity of children and infuse creativity as a life skil. Waiting for us every day, is a new adventure, a new story, a new discovery -  a new child who has just discovered the  joy of learning.

Here's where we want to share those stories with you.

Welcome to the Agastya blog!


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  2. Sneha

    I am very impressed with the work done by the foundation.I have a doubt.I have gone through the videos looks like most of them are in kannada. Do they available in telugu or english?

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