Maverick Teachers Global Summit 2016.

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In recent years, educators have been challenged globally as never before to develop curriculum and inspire students and teachers about local and global challenges. By utilizing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 2015 as a guide for tackling global challenges, The Maverick Teachers Global Summit 2016 aimed to develop innovative pedagogies to support the future of education for a sustainable world. The concept of MTGS does not stray far from the mission of Agastya International Foundation. One of the foundations of Agastya is teacher training and education- as it has a multiplier effect in strengthening schools and the community. Since its establishment Agastya’s Kuppam ‘Creativity Campus’ aims to be a center for R&D for pedagogy, learning, and teaching. 

The summit brought together 47 specially invited Maverick School Teachers and educators from all across the globe. The aim of the summit was to develop 7 different lesson plans based off of 7 of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDG2015). This resulted in a series of panel discussions and developments of pedagogy prototypes. The groups were guided and supported by thought leaders and expert field practitioners. MTGS became a diverse platform and an innovative space for global educators to join hands, come together, and create together. Mavericks collaborated over the week of 17-24 July, 2016 to create prototypes of their educational pedagogy models. Pedagogy modules were based on a wider global perspective involving intersections across disciplines as well as the challenges of achieving sustainability as outlined by the United Nations Sustainability Goals (UNSDG 2015) in the areas of the above mentioned 7 knowledge clusters.

The major focus area of the summit was on the following areas:

  1. Current teaching learning practices
  2. Disciplines
  3. Innovation
  4. Collaboration
  5. Visioning
  6. Sustainability goals



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