India is a growing economy in which millions of people are still not in a position to get quality education. It is essential to ensure that disparities between the rich and poor decrease as the country takes up ambitious growth plans. An important way to ensure equity and equality among different sections of the Indian population, is to improve the quality of primary and secondary education in the country. Agastya International Foundation is on a mission to spark curiosity in rural and disadvantaged children and teachers of India through quality hands-on science education programs.

Today, over 50% of India’s population are under the age of 30. A growing number of them are looking for a for a deeper  purpose and interesting experiences in  their lives. The Agastya Fellowship Program is an opportuntity that will provide these young individuals a rich and deeply fulfilling experience. The fellowshop program will leverage the skills of qualified and talented individuals in accelerating the quality of science education in government and low income schools.

The Agastya Fellowship Program aims to identify young and enthusiastic individuals and expose them to innovative teaching and learning methods. Through a carefully structured 18-month program, Fellows will build on-the-job managerial and entrepreneurial skills.The program will help Fellows shape their ideas, get clarity and deep understanding of creating change at the grassroots. In the long run, this will also help them forge mutually beneficial partnerships with other Fellows and maximize the impact each one can have in helping India achieve its potential.

The program will lead to the development of a socially responsible cohort of young leaders who can apply their skills in creating lasting change in the educational landscape of India.