During Fellowship

Agastya Fellowship is a 18 Months full time program, during which the fellows will be paid a fix stipend. The Fellows will be working either on Academic projects or on Project/Program based on their earlier experiences, interests and skill set. The fellows will be engaged & involved with multi-step process during the fellowship: 

  • Orientation Workshop: The first step of the process is an orientation training session conducted by Agastya team and resource persons. The sessions will be specifically designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the Fellow projects. The workshop will also be the first opportunity for fellows to meet and forge relationships with one another. During the workshop they would also be briefed about their individual projects.
  • Work Role: Fellows will be working either on Academic Projects or on General Project Management: 

1. The responsibilities of fellows working on Academic Projects will be: 

a.)   Ensuring quality of teaching learning transaction in Mobile labs and Science Centres

i) Participating in Master Training programs  and Skill upgradation programs that will be held from time to time.
ii) Building capacities, on a regular basis, of groups of Instructors of Science Centres and Mobile Labs  
iii) Providing local support and regular monitoring for Instructors. (This will involve travel on a regular basis)
iv) Holding bimonthly training and review meetings for instructors in their areas
v) Working closely with government schools in their area on academic inputs  between mobile lab visits, organizing science fairs in their areas, new initiatives like     providing low    cost science kits in schools, building capacities in schools to handle low cost kits, etc
vi) Documentation of learning through their work with  Moblie Labs and Science Centres

b.)  Participating in development of new material, upgradion of current material in Science Centres and Mobile Labs.

c.)   Cross learning and sharing of resources from other Agastya initiatives.

 2. The responsibilities of fellows working on Project/Program will comprise of the following:

a.)    As Project Officers in managing various Agastya projects.

b.)  Providing support to Agastya expansion areas.

c.)   Working directly with the senior management.

d.)  Projects/Programs would comprise of different managerial roles in various areas such as communications, IT support, Fund Raising etc.

  • Individualized Mentorship: The orientation workshop will enable Agastya to understand the needs and focus of each fellow and match them with a mentor who is expert in the same area. Agastya will help connect them to an experienced person who will provide constant mentorship. One-on-one sessions, titled Guru Shishya interaction will also be scheduled between mentors and fellows periodically on personal and professional career advancement.
  • Immersion Experiences: In addition to their work role, each of the Fellow will be placed for an immersion experience with Agastya leadership team in different projects of small duration. This will provide the Fellows hands-on experience across verticals and hence running a social venture. The immersion projects could be in areas related to project mangement, fundraising, communications, scale up and so on.
  • Workshops + Conferences: Over the course of 18 months, Agastya Fellows will participate in 3-4 workshops/conferences related to education and social enterprise.