Global Giving Open Challenge - 2013

$1 Science & Art Lessons for 1800 Kids in India 

14 year old Suma wants to find an affordable cure for AIDS when she grows up. She stays with her mother and grandparents in a small village in India. Separated from her father when she was 8 months old, Suma and her mother were left to fend for themselves. Despite all hardships, Suma is determined, outgoing, confident and excellent in communications. “I have noticed an improvement in my confidence and I owe it to Agastya. The hands-on teaching at Agastya inspires me to learn moreSuma, Class IX, Gudupalli GHPS.

Help many more children like Suma get Hands-on education, taking them one step closer to an improved status of Life!  

Mobile Lab Program - Vans with hundreds of science models  travel to remote communities and spread science awareness through interactive demonstrations. The sessions emphasize observation, interaction and fearless questioning.The  flexibility ,versatility,low cost and high reach allow it to reach remote areas and act as a catalyst for change.

Art Lab Program - Art@Agastya reaches out to rural children through the Art and Creativity Centre at Kuppam campus (the Hub), as well as the Art on Wheels mobile vans and assorted Arts programs -dance classes, puppetry workshops, digital media lessons(the Spokes). We hope that children who have undergone the Art@Agastya program will return to their schools brimming with energy and eager to begin their road to self-discovery.

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$15 gives 5 children Science OR Art lessons for 1 year   $45 gives 15 children Science OR Art  lessons  for 1 year
$90 gives 15 children Science  AND  Art lessons for 1 year   $120 gives 20 children Science AND Art lessons for 1 year



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