The Bandhu Program

Do you want to be part of the Agastya movement?

Bandhu, in Sanskrit, means "relation" or "binding", emphasizing the interconnectedness of all things including ideas, and a holistic understanding of the world.




 The Bandhu program is an opportunity for young adults in US to engage in hands-on mentoring that will benefit children from disadvantaged socio economic backgrounds.

Join this 3 week, immersive, Indian experience to help spark creativity and make learning fun for economically disadvantaged children.  



During your time with the program, you can...

  • Obtain an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges for education in rural India.
  • Understand our hands-on learning and teaching methodologies.
  • Engage and partner with the rural community through high-impact projects.
  • Experience first-hand, our innovative methods to deliver and manage social change.

It could just be the journey of a lifetime for you!

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What is the Bandhu program all about?

How do I apply?

If you're interested in applying contact our program co-ordinators

U.S. A :  Mr. Sriram Viswanathan -

India : M/s Vineetha Pai