What our Volunteers Say


Toulouse Business School, Toulouse, France

Project - Set up the Volunteer Management System in Agastya,

Location – Bangalore, Duration - 3 months.

Laura’s trip to India was a part of the cultural exchange program during her graduation in Paris. She planned to intern with us after having met Mr Ramji , Agastya’s chairman earlier in Paris.

Laura loved working with the children and experienced the change that Agastya was slowly bringing about in their lives. She was amazed at the confidence that the small girls exuded when being spoken to. Talking about the distinct change that working with Agastya has also brought about in Laura, she mentioned being more socially conscious now and has vowed to work towards developmental studies in the future and India is definitely on the top of her list!

We thank Laura immensely for the help provided and would love to have her again with us!


SCIENCE FAIR - A Volunteer led Success!

Dell India.

Corporate Volunteer Program.

Location – Coimbatore

When Dell employees Adhitya and Mohamed Iliyas finished their night-shift on 25th February, little did they know that their unflinching willingness to
spend the immediate morning with Bharathi, Mouli, Madhan Kumar, Lakshminarayanan, Sundaresan and Nandhakumar - children of Vilankurichi school would make such a difference.

On 26thFebruary, Adhitya and Mohd. Iliyas, with great gusto trained the children how to explain biological principles during the Science Fair. On 28th, when they walked in to the school, the eyes of the children lit up as they ran towards the volunteers screaming “Anna, anna, come see my model. See if I’m explaining it correctly. Will you stay with me again the whole day?”

And stay and support, they did. Yet again! And marked the beginning of a remarkable bonding. Only strangers yesterday, they had become older, caring brothers to those children today.



Volunteer Student, Class IX, Mumbai

Project - Mathematics & Chemistry Classes 

Location – Kuppam

Duration – 1 week.

 Having mentally prepared himself for a noisy and crowded village atmosphere, it was an unbelievable moment for Prithvi Manilal when he stepped into the Agastya Campus in Kuppam. “We could not believe such a clean and hygienic place would be in the middle of nowhere. The tour was amazing. It was led by Mr. Mahindra. He showed us all the buildings, and how they function over there. We entered different classrooms and understood the way that they teach. I was shocked to see that the way that the teachers teach is completely hands-on.”

It was a melody of eagerness and able tutorship for the text few days that unfolded in the campus. He took extra care to engage children, who did not understand the lesson in progress separately, much to the children’s delight. We were as sad as Prithvi when the time came to depart. We hope to see him back soon this fall! 

Chandramouli Krishnan,

Grade 10, Huron High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Duration : 1 Week.
I felt as though I had a one of a kind experience at Agastya. The feel of the atmosphere in the campus was serene.The clean, beautiful rooms in the guesthouse made me feel right at home. It was quite nice to find people that were so welcoming and friendly there. All the staff tried to make me feel at home and definitely made the experience very nice. The cleanliness in the campus impressed me to a great degree. I was totally comfortable with the food. The cooks were excellent in their preparation of food. I found the spice levels in the food to be perfect. I was thoroughly impressed with the beauty, and simplicity that produced the feeling of peace in my mind. I had a feeling of peace in my work at the campus also. I taught the YIL (Young Instructor Leader) children various subjects ranging from physics to math. Fortunately for me, I knew Tamil (a local language spoken in the neighboring state), so I was able to teach the children that knew Tamil. These kids would then translate to the other children. This allowed me to teach a group of about ten children. When the children left at the end of the school day, I was touched by the amount of unconditional love that the children showed to me. I had barely known these children for a few hours, yet they were talking to me as though I was their elder brother. The other thing that was really nice was that we got to go out on visits to the community centers where the children got a peaceful and nurturing environment to do their work and interact with the world. I would recommend that anyone who gets the opportunity to go and visit the Agastya campus should definitely use the opportunity. I say this because I think that language is not much of a barrier. Another student who was staying with me in Kuppam only knew English, but did not find it to be extremely challenging. Agastya gave me a whole new outlook on the world. I felt very happy that I was able to do my little part to help these poor children.