How We Do It

How Agastya Works

Agastya's education model is:

Scalable – impacts millions of children and teachers through high - reach channels like mobile labs, teacher education, science fairs and science centers.

Innovative and Creative – learning methodologies awaken curiosity, observation, assimilation and application skills.

Sustainable – learning methods are deeply instilled, encourage sensitivity to the environment and growth and development of community.

Replicable – high-impact ideas and low-cost methods are easily transferred and communicated across cultures and countries.

Collaborative – leverages partnerships and encourages participation by government and private education officials and community members.


  • addresses core primary and secondary education issues.
  • impacts a large and broad student-teacher population.
  • supports raising of education performance and standards.
  • benefits rural and urban communities.

Integrated learning diagram

Creative Learning Center

  • provides hands-on educational opportunities in a creative and interactive setting to thousands of rural children.
  • takes education to remote villages in A.P. and Karnataka through Mobile Labs.
  • conducts Science Fairs.
  • runs Young Instructor Leader programs

Teacher Education - Center for Creative Teaching

  • Train Agastya instructors
  • provide innovative, state-of-the-art knowledge and skills to government school teachers
  • Train dropouts into instructors (Operation Vijay)


  • help revive the local ecosystem and promote knowledge dissemination through mobile eco-labs.