First Pillar

Creative Learning

  • Enhance teaching - learning skills
  • Hands-on learning in a creative and interactive setting
  • Rural schools interaction and training program
  • Vocational training, knowledge and skill transfer

Young Instructor Leader Program

  • Launched in 4Q, 2007, the YIL Program has trained 1,500 children.
  • Over 25,000 students have been trained as Young Instructors.
  • A unique feature of learning at Agastya is the opportunity given to children to teach other children.

Pillar 1

Discovery Center

The Discovery Center represents one of the largest investments in interactive learning in rural India. Its key features:

  • Interactive exhibits in science, technology, art and ecology stimulate curiosity and exploration
  • Learner driven environment
  • Fosters individual discovery (Aha! and WOW! experience) and unintended learning outcomes
  • Model making workshop promotes acts of creation
  • Integrated with teacher training and mobile lab programs
  • Hub for generating new ideas