Fourth Pillar

Culture & Philosophy

Agastya aims to spark curiosity and creativity in a holistic and humanistic way. Towards that end, children and teachers at the Agastya campus are exposed not only to science, but also to the arts, and to important aspects of Indian culture and philosophy like Yoga and Bharatnatyam.

To read about the art program, go to Agastya Art Workshop.
Unlocking individual & team creative potential and bridging boundaries between art & science by

  • Stimulating perceptive abilities
  • Inspiring children to observe the world around them
  • Overcoming creative blocks and the fear of failure
  • Encouraging children to imagine
  • Recognizing and applying creative instincts
  • Taking art to the village doorstep through mobile art labs

Bharatnatyam Class


Bharantnayam Dance

 Dance 2






Agastya Instructors Acting in a Play

Acting in a Play Acting in a Play 2






Puppet Show in Kuppam


Puppet Show 1 Puppet Show 2






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