Rural Workshops

Rural Science Fair for 10,000 Village People

The Agastya science fairs have to be seen to be believed! Thousands of visitors - children, teachers, parents, community members - participate in learning the joy of science, art and ecology from trained Agastya Young Instructors (YIs). The YIs demonstrate and explain experiments and inspire others to learn. 

Agastya science fairs have attracted tens of thousands of visitors across several states.

Rural Science Fair in Kuppam

Creating Scientific Minds in Rural India

"In all more than 13,000 students enjoyed the experiments. They included poor students from far away villages, secondary school students, middle class English medium schools and even Junior College students. At Kuppam we had to seek the help of two police constables to monitor the crowds!

"Even a small village like Santhipuram, where one would not have expected more than a few hundred students to attend, the number exceeded 3,000! Batches after batches of children kept arriving by tractor trolleys and buses.

"Eight teachers, shouldered the responsibility of explaining things in the local language. Even though it was a truly tiring job, they enjoyed it a lot and continued for all six days without any relief."

- V.G. Gambhir, Instructor, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education

Feedback from Workshops

"This is the first time in our lives that we have been exposed to teaching from professionals like Dr. Gunasekharan and Hari Parameswaran." – V. Kumar, Mandal Education Officer

"I see improvement in terms of discipline and openness. In the most backward area of AP children are beginning to answer scientific questions." – V. Kumar, Mandal Education Officer

"Your workshop had a major impact on the attitudes of our teachers. You have brought about a paradigm shift." - The Headmaster of a top tier city school

"I thought I knew it all. The workshop made me realize that I have to relearn what it means to be a good teacher." – English teacher at a city school 

"The workshop focused on observation, imagination, association and will help us in our work. Even a 55 year old man like me found I could improve my memory." – Rural teacher 

"It was very useful to our teachers…our teachers will inculcate the habit in our children." – Rural teacher 

"Our teachers have become excellent resource persons in the villages and they are practicing this in the schools." – Rural teacher