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    If a picture's worth a thousand words, imagine how much we can tell you in a few short film clips! To gain a quick understanding of Agastya's work, and the many ways we are sparking creativity in India's rural youth, here are the must-see videos:

    CNBC Awaaz : Ramji Interview
    Spirit of Agastya
    : Abridged Documentary
    Education World Forum : Mr. Raghavan's Speech
    Amazing Indians : Times Now

    For a deeper sense of what Agastya is about, feel free to browse through the other videos collected here -- videos that cover a wide range of topics, which we've posted here to share with our friends, both in India and around the world.  If you know others who might be interested in what you've just seen, please pass along a link to our site! You can also visit the Agastya Foundation Channel on YouTube here.

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