Agastya's Pride- Varaprasad

Varaprasad was raised in a rural village in India where poor circumstances placed him at an immediate disadvantage. Varaprasad aspired to become an accountant from a young age but this goal seemed almost impossible. The death of his father when he was young had placed a huge strain on him and his family. In addition, the local government school would likely be inadequate in giving Varaprasad a sufficient education. In addition to coming from a difficult background, Varaprasad would also have to be part of the small, competitive minority of students, roughly ten percent, who pass the rigorous CA exam in order to become an accountant. An ongoing relationship with the Agastya Foundation would help Varaprasad overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds that he faced.

Fortunately for Varaprasad, the Agastya Young Instructor Leader Program and the IRIS science fair were both important points in his life. After showing promise in the Agastya science labs, Varaprasad was selected for the young instructor leader program. Through this three-year program Varaprasad was able to take science lessons back to his village where he would teach younger children. The young instructor leader program allowed for Varaprasad to transition from a previously passive learner to a leader in his local village while simultaneously reinforcing the concepts he had learned in school.

His successes didn’t stop with his participation in the Young Instructor Leader program however. Varaprasad was eventually selected to compete in the IRIS national science fair. This was an incredible accomplishment, as he was selected out of thousands of projects throughout all of India. At the IRIS fair, along with a few other students, Varaprasad was able to present his project, the cooling effect of bottles. Varaprassad’s success in the science fair was just another indicator that he was making huge strides towards accomplishing his goals and overcoming obstacles.

This May, Varaprasad took the CA exam and was one of the roughly 8% of test takers to pass. For someone to pass such a difficult and competitive exam is quite impressive. However, it is a downright remarkable accomplishment that Varaprasad succeeded given the odds he had to overcome. The mobile labs, Young Instructor Leader Program, and IRIS national science fair were paramount in helping Varaprasad grow as a student and person. This growth in turn was crucial in his path to passing the rigorous CA exam. This of course has forever changed his life in an incredible way. As an accountant, Varaprasad will be able to work a great job and help support his family. Varaprasad will now have a more promising career, one that he has dreamed of, in addition to an improved standard of living. Hopefully, stories like Varaprasad’s will continue to be told throughout India as many of the youth overcome difficult circumstances.