Campus News- May

Nalandaway Foundation

Nalandaway Foundation is a non-profit organization which works with children to enhance their leadership and presentation skills through theatre, visual arts, music, dance etc. In the month of May, they conducted a four day residential workshop for Young Instructor Leaders (YILs) at Kuppam campus. The workshop helped the YILs to nurture their creativity, learn life skills and build self-confidence in order to become role models..

LEAD Program

The Leaders Accelerating Development (LEAD) Program of Deshpande Foundation, Hubli, Karnataka, fosters innovative and entrepreneurial thinking among the students by exposing them to social issues and by encouraging them to volunteer their time and effort into the community. YILs from Agastya participated with the LEAD team on community cleaning and greening programs. They also helped with the upkeep of the local environment by painting temples and schools in the nearby locations and started plantation programs.

Rhapsody Music Education

Rhaspody Music Education, a startup that seeks to educate children through music conducted a “Music and the Mind” program for the YILs. The program focuses on how music can be used as a tool to unlock one’s mind towards math, science and creativity. By integrating music with Math, Physics, Biology, Ecology and various other subjects, the hope to improve the child’s creativity and confidence. About 30 YILs participated in this workshop where sessions on music were conducted sessions, integrating it with physical topics like Pitch, Amplitude, Resonance, Sound etc.