IBM Teacher Training

The Agastya-IBM partnership was established in 2010 wherein IBM invested in multiple Science Fairs and Lab-in-a-Box (LIB) Program located at Bihar. In 2014, there was an integration of the LIB program with IBM’s world renown Teachers TryScience (TTS) Program where Agastya mapped and translated selected TTS lessons to the LIB module. Through this integration the online TTS lessons were brought offline and made accessible to economically underprivileged government school teachers who lack access to internet resources such as TTS. The teacher response was tremendous and encouraging as they were completely active throughout the sessions. Teachers showed interest in participating in similar sessions in the future since the exposure would help improve quality and effectiveness of lessons in their own classrooms.
We are extremely pleased to announce that in the year 2015-16, we will continue the efforts to train teachers across Karnataka. With a combination of IBM's TTS and Agastya's hands-on pedagogy, the training will benefit more than 1000 teachers in the region!