You have a table. A neat and clean table cloth covers it. And the table is cluttered with all your belongings. Your task is to remove the table cloth without shifting any of the items on it. Is it possible?

YES!! How? Hold the table cloth along one of its edges and pull it off, very fast. And voila! The table cloth has come off and nothing on the table has moved. This is an example which demonstrates concept of 'Inertia of Rest'.

Let us conduct a simple experiment to see how this works.

Materials required 

  • a tall glass
  • a sturdy piece of cardboard
  • a coin


 Place the glass on a table and to cover the mouth of the glass, place the piece of cardboard.

Now, place the coin on the cardboard.

Flick the piece of cardboard with your thumb.

Set-up of the experiment


The piece of cardboard moves away with the flick, and the coin falls into the glass.


 'Inertia of Rest' is the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest. Thus, due to this, the coin, which is at rest, tends to remain at rest even when the cardboard, on which it is resting, is set into motion.

This is the model we use at Agastya to explain the concept of 'Inertia of Rest'.



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