"The greatest teachers inspire"

“The superior teacher demonstrates. The greatest teachers inspire.”

14 year old Prasanna believes that people who helm the affairs of great institutions would not have achieved such heights, had they not had a teacher who inspired them. For the past few years, this passionate little teacher from Morsanapalli village in Andhra Pradesh, has been sharing what she learns in school with children who cannot afford an education.

On her first visit to the Agastya Campus, Prasanna was struck by the beauty of its many trees. Through Agastya she learnt that trees help mitigate air pollution and so she planted more than a dozen saplings, improving both the aesthetic as well as the quality of her village environment. Agastya has been a transformative experience for Prasanna. She declares that without Mathematics anyone can take you for a ride and without English it is difficult to find a job. Since Agastya’s intervention however she is no longer worried of being taken advantage of. Through the opportunities that Agastya has given her to address audiences about experiments, she has overcome stage fear. She is also a keen proponent of the internet and affirms that, “With the help of a laptop and the internet I can explore the whole world.”

Prasanna dreams of starting an orphanage for poor and abandoned child. Saddened by young children working in hotels and train stations, without any basic amenities, Pransanna plans to extend a helping hand by educating them. She also hopes to help her young siblings to acquire an education and accomplish their dreams.