Wisdom of Agastya

Agastya launches its book, Wisdom of Agastya chronicling its journey

Focused on delivering a hands-on, and experiential learning system to students, Agastya International Foundation has been bridging the gap in the conventional, rote-based education system in India since 1999.  So far, Agastya has directly impacted the lives of 8 million underprivileged students and 200,000 teachers across 17+ states in rural India. This has been a feat that has left several social innovators, freethinkers, aspiring social entrepreneurs and development experts from around the world deeply interested to learn from the approach and methodology used.

About the book, Wisdom of Agastya

Providing answers to these questions and beyond, the MurthyNAYAK Foundation, one of Agastya’s friends and supporters, chronicled the journey of Agastya International Foundation over the last 15 years in the book, Wisdom of Agastya. Consolidating the learnings and experience from the first 15 years of its work with delivering hands-on and experiential learning system to students in India, Agastya International Foundation is releasing the Wisdom of Agastya through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo raising funds for its publication. 

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Contributors to this month-long campaign will receive different brackets of rewards depending on their contributions. Take a look at our campaign page on Indiegogo to know the list of rewards that await you. 

Speaking about the need for a global case study on affordable creative education, Ramji Raghavan, Founder & Chairman of Agastya International Foundation said,

“We tend to think creative education is for the rich and not for the poor. The Wisdom of Agastya sheds light on a pioneering social innovation initiative on creative education at scale for the masses.”

Support Agastya in this endeavor of sharing its experience. Contribute to this crowdfunding project and take home the wisdom of building a better world! 

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