What We Do

Agastya seeks to transform and stimulate the thinking of rural children and teachers by bringing innovative hands-on learning to the doorstep of rural government schools in India. Agastya has created an education dissemination model, which is cost-effective, scalable and replicable within and outside India.

Agastya's programs make  learning

Fun! Useful! and Accessible! 


Transform Attitudes to Learning

'Yes' to 'Why'

'Looking' to 'Observing'

'Passiveness' to 'Exploring'

'Textbook-bound' to 'Hands-on'

'Fear' to 'Confidence'

 Agastya Model

One of Agastya’s central goals is to create an education dissemination model, which is cost-effective, scalable and replicable within India and elsewhere; a model, which provides breadth and depth. We believe that The Agastya Model is unique and effective for disseminating quality education cost-effectively, to a large number of vulnerable, disadvantaged and at-risk children and teachers around the world. Essential elements of the model are in place, but much remains to be done. 

Agastya’s unique model for creating and disseminating educational content, innovation and pedagogy is based on a) The Creativity Lab campus in Gudivanka, which serves as an “ideas factory” and b) Mobile labs and science centers, which act as a large scale knowledge dissemination system.


Agastya's education model is:

Scalable – impacts millions of children and teachers through high - reach channels like mobile labs, teacher education, science fairs and science centers.

Innovative and Creative – learning methodologies awaken curiosity, observation, assimilation and application skills.

Sustainable – learning methods are deeply instilled, encourage sensitivity to the environment and growth and development of community.

Replicable – high-impact ideas and low-cost methods are easily transferred and communicated across cultures and countries.

Collaborative – leverages partnerships and encourages participation by government and private education officials and community members.

Teaching and Learning Model

Agastya’s teaching and learning model aims to enhance creative-thinking, application, teamwork and leadership skills in children, when the "software of the mind" is most receptive to outside-of-the-box thinking. The model is the result of extensive research on learning and teaching needs and involved in-depth discussions with educators, teachers, students, parents, scientists and business leaders in India, the US and the UK. 

Teaching and Learning Model