98% of schools in rural India frequently exclude the study of Art entirely from their syllabus. This is an unfortunate occurrence as schools fail to recognize that Art is, in fact, as important as Science in a child’s development .

This is because, while the study of Science delves into physical facts about the world and beyond, the study of Art enables the individual to discover him or herself through painting, dance and music. In this way, students graduating from Agastya become not only well trained in the technicalities of the world; they are also gifted with a strong sense of identity and purpose in life. Simply put, students at Agastya are moulded into holistic individuals who are proficient in both the left and right brain.

Sparking Curiosity; Nurturing Creativity

In Agastya’s bid to spark curiosity and creativity in young minds, we recognize that creativity can be nurtured in many ways – be it through the Science or the Arts. For example, an individual fuelled by curiosity will be motivated to discover and understand his/her environment while being inclined towards creative expression at the same time. With this framework in mind, Art@Agastya has been actively expanding to include a wider range of workshops and classes every year.

Employing our highly successful Hub-and-Spoke model, Art@Agastya reaches out to rural children through the Art and Creativity Centre at Kuppam campus (the Hub), as well as the Art on Wheels mobile vans and assorted Arts programs – dance classes, puppetry workshops, digital media lessons – at centres in various states (the Spokes).

Of course, creativity can be nurtured on a haphazard or accidental basis through virtually any activity. However, Agastya believes that creativity can and should be actively harnessed, directed, and promoted. Through the various art lessons and workshops, Agastya hopes that children who have undergone the Art@Agastya program will return to their schools brimming with energy and eager to begin their road to self-discovery.

Art@Agastya includes the following activities: 

Watch a short film about the various art programs at Agastya: