Art Classes

Art classes at Agastya are run with the goal of sparking creativity in both teachers and students. As such, there is no fixed rule or textbook that the teachers have to follow when instructing students. The only caveat is that these art classes should serve to inculcate the following skills in students:

  • How to stimulate one’s perceptive abilities
  • How to find inspiration in the world around oneself
  • How to get over creative blocks and the fear of failure
  • How to engage one’s curiosity
  • How to recognize and use one’s creative instincts
  • How to work collaboratively in a team-setting

With this goal in mind, art classes at Agastya are run based on a very simple formula:

Keeping in mind the background of the students who come for Agastya's art classes, art teachers ensure that materials used during classes are readily available and commonly found in the students' daily lives, such as pebbles, twigs, and leaves that can be found outside their homes. 

Here is an example of the art classes that Agastya conducts:

Stone observation classes

Besides the aforementioned classes, the Art and Creativity Centre also conducts Art Camps where students are encouraged to express their creativity through a variety of art techniques and forms. Be it getting their hands dirty in clay making or melding human gestures and theatre through shadow art, students get the full hands-on experience of Art@Agastya programs at these Art Camps.