Camps@Campus is a  program designed as a unique combination of hands-on learning and teaching, along with a first-hand experience of how an NGO works at the grassroots level.

The customizable, residential program is suitable for students of schools and colleges from all over India to become exposed to the Agastya Way!

Agastya’s core focus is to increase a child’s appreciation for community, science and the environment through traditional camp activities. The proceeds from these Camps will support Agastya’s work in the rural sector.

For details, download the Camps@Campus information kit!

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What we offer:

  • Residential camp for 1 to 30 days at Agastya’s Kuppam campus,for a group of 50-80 students.
  • Exposure to Agastya’s model and experiment-based learning modules in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Astronomy and Ecology (without clashing with current stream of rural students)
  • Exposure to the Discovery Centre and hands-on learning
  • Visits to rural schools with a Mobile Lab.
  • Hands-on Art and model-making
  • Peer-to-peer teaching, as a learning method
  • Exposure to folk music and dance
  • Evening sports, Athletics, Basketball, Volleyball, TT, Carrom, Chess, etc.
  • Campus Ecology, including a night tour.
  • Astronomy, through the Night sky Telescope and later, planetarium.
  • Camping, cookout and hiking activities for longer trip students.
  • Doctor on call.
  • Other adventure add-ons over a period of time. 

Benefits from Camps at Agastya Campus:

  • ‘Hands-On’ experimental learning arousing curiosity, creativity and a questioning scientific temper.
  • Supplementary and supportive to curricula, enhancing performance.
  • Awareness and involvement in ecology, regeneration, conservation.
  • Opportunity to be socially aware if Rural India and Agricultural society, its potential, problems and solutions
  • Excellent as a quotable experience towards value when applying for higher education in Global universities.
  • Building self confidence through a rounded multifaceted experience
  • Opportunity to bring a new binding among friends through teamwork and practical projects.