Campus Internships

The Creativity Lab is a space unlike any other in India. Every day, the campus attracts over 500 children from surrounding government schools. Through 13 hands-on teaching labs, the Discovery Center, the center for creative teaching, the open air ecolab and evening community visits, Agastya draws them into a world where learning is pure joy. 

Every day is a journey not only for these children, but also for us.

If you're thinking of  contributing to society, an internship at the Creativity Lab is a great opportunity.

Agastya offers internships for individuals and small groups of high school and college students to not only participate in our hands-on activities, but work closely with us as we reach out to children every day and transform the rural educational landscape.

If you're interested in exploring yourself and the world around you, committed to paying it forward, are excited by learning new ways to do things, then write to us at