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The Agastya programme began to expand when Agastya acquired over 100 acres of waste land in Kuppam a backward area in Andhra Pradesh. Agastya set up a science centre that housed various models and could be used as a base for school children to explore concepts. The Science Center at Kuppam houses over 200 low-cost experiments. The Discovery Center has several interactive science exhibits, and is one of the few newly emerging interactive science museums in disadvantaged India. Children and teachers from the surrounding villages and other schools in Kuppam and KGF in Karnataka visit the Center on a periodic basis. These children are exposed to a number of basic concepts in physics, biology, chemistry and ecology and are allowed to explore and operate these models on their own.

We welcome individuals, corporate groups and private groups to visit our campus!

Spend a day or two and get a glimpse of how Agastya sparks curiosity in rural and disadvantaged children of India!

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 What's at the Creativity Lab

Main center

Oberoi center houses classrooms and labs to teach chemistry, ecology and physics and includes a low cost model making and toy corner.


 Mallika and Parijatha

Agastya's comfortable, well-equipped guesthouses have sumptuous views of the spiritual vanas (Balavana, Siddhavana and Moolikavana), the tri-state border and the vast expanse of land that Agastya has been regenerating for over a decade.


Statue of Agastya

The 12 enclaves of Siddhavana surrounds the statue of Agastya, the great sage who founded the Siddha school of Indian herbal medicine and stands for inspires ideas of creativity, knowledge, the overcoming of barriers and triumph against all odds.


Model making workshop

Models of all sizes, shapes and utilities – table-top, mobile van, discovery center, and lab-in-a-box are made on site at Kuppam at the model making workshop.



Kuppam has the largest playground in the entire Chitoor district and has become the location where district-level sports competitions are held. The playground is equipped with a football ground, a basketball court, and a cricket pitch.


Center for Creative Teaching

The center focuses on training teachers on Agastya's hands-on methods.  The center also houses the math lab, the computer and robotics lab and has one of the young-instructor-leader (YIL) mentoring rooms.


Discovery Center

Built along the lines of the SF Exploratorium, discovery center houses jumbo size interactive models. Accompanying the discovery center are the Illusion Rooms, Biology Lab, Media Lab and the Art Center.

Open Air EcoLab

Apart from the spiritual vanas (concept themed gardens of medicinal plants) – Siddhavana, Mulikavana and Balavana, ecological initiatives have made the campus is home to a butterfly park, over 50 species of spiders, a wide range of exotic and rare flowering plants, 600 species of plants and over 80 species of birds. The campus is itself a living and breathing lesson on ecology and restoration.



Saplings grown on campus are distributed daily to the surrounding communities. Through the ecology-on-wheels program, Agastya also sponsors eco clubs in schools to teach children the art of loving and nurturing the environment in which they live.

Operation Vasantha

Every evening, Agastya operates community science centers in the surrounding villages. By encouraging a volunteer from the village to tutor school-going children and dropout students, Operation Vasantha is making the Agastya Way everyone's way!


  • The IT center will be home to a large library, digital library and a computer lab.
  • The art center will house multiple rooms for the purposes of teaching, practicing and showcasing the performing arts as well as an auditorium.
  • The upcoming astronomy center is going to be the first of its kind to serve the rural population. The two floor building will house a working model of the solar system on one level and will contain a projection system which will screen videos and shows on astronomy.