Agastya wins the Marico Innovation for India Award!

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Shri. Amitabh Kant, CEO NITI Aayog presenting the Innovation for India Awards 2016 (Social Category) trophy to Ramji Ragahvan, Chairman,Agastya International Foundation
K. Thiagarajan - Chief of Operations and Hariharan Ganesan, 
Director Partner Relations

Nearly 250 million children in India are deprived of quality education as well as functioning facilities such as libraries and laboratories. Agastya addresses this problem through its Lab on Bike (LOB) program, wherein acompany trained instructor reaches schools in rural areas on a motorbike equipped with a Lab in a Box (LIB); LIB is a set of 10 theme-based boxes covering a variety of topics in science.

The Jury was impressed with the reach of Agastya's Lab on a Bike program. They also liked the fact that Agastya's science projects are really having a transformational impact on the students exposed to these programs.


  1. Divyesh Mishra

    I am a student and a promoter of science.
    I want to promote science education to each deserving student who lack the basic infrastructure and resource needed to make them a complete Science Geek. And I believe that Todays' DIY is Tomorrows' MAKE IN INDIA.
  2. shruti lal

    Dear Sir,
    We request you to arrange a workshop in Salwan Public school, Rajendra Nagar on innovative and research oriented teaching methods
    Shruti Lal
  3. Sadasivam

    please help us by sending your mobile labs to our school also which is situated in Tamilnadu.

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