"ILLUMINATI" - Satisfying the Scientific Appetite!

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Agastya's Bangalore Science Centre held a interactive session with over 200 children from 15 Govt Schools last week.

In conversation with these children and their curious minds were eminent dignitaries Dr Maulishree Agrahari (S&T Officer, KSTePS); Dr H G Nagendra (HOD, Department of Biotechnology, Sir MVIT); Mr Ghanashyama (Retd.Prof. National College).


  1. sathishkumarbt

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I came across your website on enabling creativity and innovation to the people who are engaged with NGO's related to education.

    Here is my observation and request innovation and creativity is part of each human being so my request to you is
    1.Expand your work to all the government officials..
    How will this work is today Money is the main criteria/blockage in implementing major projects .Through your workshop you can bring new ways of implementing the project for the less cost.

    I would be more interested collaborating and expanding your intention..

    With love,
    Sathish Kumar B T

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