National Council for Science Museums (NCSM)-Agastya Brainstorming Meeting

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At the Agastya campus in Kuppam, Mr. Samarendra Kumar, Director (Hqrs), National Council of Science Museums, along with 17 other Heads/Chief mentors of Innovation Hubs across India and the Agastya team came together for a two-day Brainstorming Meeting on Innovation Curriculum.  


The NCSM Team visited the various facilities at the Agastya Campus and appreciated Agastya’s efforts in creating this unique multidisciplinary ecosystem in a rural setup. 

Dr. Vinay Dhabolkar, an innovation expert and author of the book ‘8 Steps to Innovation’ conducted an interactive session on ‘Challenges and bright spots in Innovation Hubs’ and facilitated a ‘Problem Solving’ activity, which involved NCSM Innovation Hub Heads to solve identified problems and present them to the participants.  Dr. Suman, IISc, conducted a Visual Brainstorming session along with Mr. Sandeep who conducted a workshop on the Bibox Innovation Initiative.

There were intense discussions on how to make children more innovative, cultivate Design Thinking, develop their ideas, and motivate them to apply these concepts in their daily lives. 


  1. Dr. R. Sreenivasa Rao

    This is Very beautiful foundation for rural poor students, and it give very curia city for me
  2. anoop

    collaboration of NCSM and Agastya foundation for innovation hub is inetresting.

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