Ramji Raghavan Speaks at the OECD

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The Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is one of the world's leading forums for good ideas, a sort of international policy shop that gathers and disseminates solutions to problems shared by many societies around the world. Education is a key concern for the OECD, because it is inextricably linked to economic development and the growth of healthy civil societies.

Ramji Raghavan, founder and chairman of the Agastya International Foundation, recently spoke at the OECD about Agastya's path-breaking work to spark creativity in children from disadvantaged rural areas of his native India. For over a decade, the Agastya Foundation has sent mobile science labs into remote villages all across southern India, providing hands-on lessons in science, ecology, and the arts. It has reached millions of children, and several of its students - including many first-generation learners - have gone on to win top honors at the prestigious Intel-IRIS Science Competition in India. Today, the program is expanding its footprint into several states in northern India, as well.

Here is a link to a blog on Ramji Raghavan's talk at the OECD. 


  1. Ajay Upadhyay

    Dear sir,
    i have seen your interview on CNBC awaz , you are doing great job.
  2. kalim khan

    dear sir,agastya international foundation is doing well,i am sure chidren are getting knowledging from this step, but there are some deficulties are facing the teacher, due to leake of urdu teacher, so i kindly request u , urdu teacher requirment is neccessory for this mission. ,,,, sir i am also intrested in this job, i am graduate in geography {1st class ] live in mumbai ,vashi , i am visited all over india as a salesman , so please join me in ur foundation. mob 8286206868, ur faithfull kalim khan.
  3. Kiran

    I very much proud that i had served in your esteemed institution sir for few days. Thank your very much sir. Its the best think applied for teaching school children. Thx once again for giving a chance to work for about 8 months in your institution sir.

  4. Dr asha gauri shankar

    I have just seen about your foundation and that it teaches rural children science and mathematics. I am interested in the teaching of mathematics through do it yourself techniques and activities. Though I have taught at college level but i am interested in school teaching and have been conducting workshops for teachers. I have done it in a village also.

    I wonder if I can be associated with your project in any way.



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