Strategy and Goals for 2011-16 - Offsite Meeting

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Agastya conducted an extensive review of its strategy and goals for 2011-16 at an offsite on the Kuppam campus. Participants included Trustees (Dr. VK Aatre, Mr. Srihari, Ramji Raghavan and Mahavir Kumar), Advisory Council members (R. Krishnan, M. Shivkumar, Parthan, KG Narayanan, MA Ramaswamy, M.G Subramaniam, Ram Ramadorai) and Agastya staff led by K. Thiagarajan and Ajith Basu. The discussion reviewed Agastya's performance (2007-11) and projections through 2016. Participants discussed Agastya's strengths and areas for improvement as well as critical challenges related to staff training, people, content, delivery, fundraising and partnerships to achieve nationwide scale.


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