The WHAT of Agastya may be where the deepest questions are answered. Here we explain just what we do and map out our goals for the future. We report on what has been accomplished since we began. You might also be interested in what the press has had to say about Agastya and what the children themselves have to say.

WHAT is Agastya's Approach to Learning?


Learning Pyramid

Agastya's goal is to stimulate the Aah! Aha! and Ha-Ha! experience in children, teachers and communities through hands-on, experiential learning methods.


  • Aah!     Using simple, counterintuitive experiments, models, stories and discussion to create surprise, delight, enthusiasm and joy in learning.
  • Aha!     Promoting enquiry, experimentation, exploration, participation and hands-on interaction through kinesthetic, activity- and project-based learning to generate inspiration,recognition, comprehension and creative insight.
  • Ha-Ha!  Relieving fear and anxiety, ingraining information, improving retention, boosting performance and increasing motivation through fun and humor.