Imagine a 170-acre wide piece of barren hill with scarcely any grass. The nearby river, mined intensely for sand, has been parched dry by the scorching sun. Rainfall for the past few years have averaged 40-60cm, 20cm lower than the national average. What is more, due to plundering and deforestation 50-100 years ago to satisfy the nearby gold field’s fuel consumption, there are barely any trees or shrubs left in sight.

Fast forward a decade later and this semi-arid patch of dry land has been utterly transformed: Once-brown earth is now covered with a rolling expanse of green, with hundreds of flora and fauna thriving all in one space. If one is particularly lucky, one might even spot exotic wildlife grazing in the greenery – such is the biodiversity of this renewed green space.

Ludicrous? Most definitely not. What you have just read chronicles the massive transformation that Agastya’s Kuppam campus had to undergo to become what it is today (read the Business World article about the transformation of the campus here). Many who have witnessed this transformation have described the campus as “An Ecological Miracle”, and who else but Dr A.N. Yellappa Reddy, former Chief Conservator of forests in Karnataka, should be credited with this remarkable transformation. Armed with only a deep fervour for environmental sustainability and keen foresight, it was Dr Reddy who took it upon himself to initiate and see through the ecological fruition of Agastya’s Kuppam campus.


The transformation of the Kuppam campus, however, was just the first of many steps in Agastya’s efforts to spark curiosity and spread humanity through ecology. The ultimate aim of this transformation was to convert the campus into a lab where all experiments are done in and by nature. Furthermore, by immersing children, teachers and the populace in Mother Nature, Agastya hopes that individuals will better appreciate the importance of Mother Nature and henceforth take up roles to become protectors of our precious natural world.

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