Objectives of LIB

Through LIB, Agastya aims to establish a supportive and collegial professional development culture that is focused on teaching and learning science. This includes the implementation of a Science Teachers Network that serves as a platform for continuous dialogue between science teachers, providing them with opportunities to learn and exchange know-how with each other. Besides, through the simplistic LIB models, teachers will be better able to grasp, understand, and therefore teach science and mathematics concepts. Agastya regularly conducts workshops and training camps for teachers to familiarize them with the usage of the models. 

Teacher training camps

LIB models also supplement the school syllabus by injecting creative learning into boring, rote learning teaching material. Rural school children now have the opportunity to handle scientific apparatus and learn the basics of science through interactive hands-on experiments. By understanding the concepts well, students will be encouraged to create similar simple and low-cost models for any other concepts they learn, thereby inculcating in them the can-do spirit and making even the poorest child feel that he or she can also be an inventor. 

Essentially, Agastya hopes to make teaching science simple and convenient for teachers, whilst keeping learning science fun and exciting for students.