WHO makes up Agastya? Many individuals and groups working together have brought life to the original concept of Agastya. Through the dedication and generosity of others, we have managed to grow and develop into a successful, replicable model. Here you are introduced to Agastya's partners, our trustees and management, our visitors, as well as to our teachers and the children we serve.

Who Benefits from Agastya?

  • Disadvantaged Children in the age group 6-18. Most of these children come from rural India. Their parents are small marginal farmers, carpenters, stone cutters, construction and menial white collar workers. A majority of them study in government schools and have no access to labs or other hands–on learning opportunities. Some of them are school dropouts.
  • Government school teachers
  • Village parents and communities reached by Agastya Mobile Lab night community visits.
  • Government officials and NGOs interested in replicating the Agastya model.
  • Indian and International visitors from urban schools and institutions who come to experience Agastya's unique campus and learn about rural India.