Who is the Agastya Team

Traveling thousands of kilometers every year on bumpy rural roads, engaging and stimulating children and teachers is not a job for the faint hearted. Agastya instructors do this year round with a smile. Their commitment to spreading knowledge and the excitement of learning has to be seen to be believed. They are supported by a team of drivers, senior instructors, managers, and resource persons, all of whom make the Agastya team a well-knit, supportive, and rapidly-growing organization.

Given the spread of its work and a partly mobile workforce, Agastya developed a decentralized work culture supported by centralized management information systems. Overhead is low and managers are encouraged to meet regularly in the field, exchange ideas and confront problems and challenges squarely. Regular brainstorming sessions help to release employees' creative ideas and produce breakthroughs. Teamwork is encouraged.

Agastya Core Principles

Core principals diagram