HP Catalyst Initiative

Agastya International Foundation is collaborating with Hewlett-Packard on a new program called the HP Catalyst Initiative. The overall goal of the initiative is to create international collaborative “sandboxes” of innovation that will explore what the future of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education can look like—a future where students use their technical and creative ingenuity to address urgent social challenges in their communities and around the world. The HP Catalyst Initiative is funding five consortia in 2010. Each focuses on a specific innovation theme for transforming STEM education. 

Agastya will lead the “New Learner” consortium which will engage formal and informal education institutions as they explore how to build a network of learning opportunities for students. The goal is to create new models of student-driven STEM + learning that are engaging, lead to higher school completion rates and promote “learning how to learn.”

Consortium Members will be selected through a competitive call for proposals, open to accredited institutions that serve tertiary or secondary students (i.e. schools, colleges, non-profit or non-governmental organizations) in 11 targeted countries [Brazil, China, Eqypt, France, Germany, Kenya, India, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States]. For details, please visit www.hp.com/go/hpcatalyst.

If you you want to recommend institutions & individuals [as advisors] who could participate in the ’New Learner’ consortium, please email us at agastyaadmin@gmail.com.