Why Agastya Works

Learning at Agastya is fun, useful and accessible to the poorest child.

Experiencing Aah! Aha! Ha-Ha!

  • Creative-thinking and hands-on science programs have reached over 6 million children and 200,000 teachers
  • More than 600 science experiments, using low-cost tools, make learning fun and illustrate a wide range of concepts and principles
  • Interactive science centers/labs foster creativity and deep learning
  • Mobile Labs (Vans, Lab-on-a-Bike, Lab-in-a-Box) and Science Fairs take science to the village doorstep
  • Interactive student-teacher workshops enhance learning
  • Model-making workshops deepen hands-on skills
  • Young Instructor Leader program emphasizes life skills and leadership and raises self-belief among children
  • Reforestation programs are increasing knowledge and understanding of the natural environment and transforming local ecosystems
  • Rural art, dance, music and theater workshops offer unique opportunities for expression
  • Innovation Fairs (Jignyasa and Anveshana) foster the creative and innovative spirit
  • Creating "a knowledge bridge" between urban and rural communities