Feedback: IMPRESSIONS: Kala Kootami

02 Jul Feedback: IMPRESSIONS: Kala Kootami


“It [the Art and Creativity fair] is an enactive, iconic and a symbolic way of imparting education.”

Our Art and Creativity fair, Kala Kootami has come a long way since its inception. Evolving and growing throw each edition; the fair has travelled great distance and reached newer corners of India, spreading the joy and wonders of arts, media and creativity.

At our closing edition of the fair last year, the Government High Secondary School in Medavakkam, Chennai was bedecked with colorful impressions, vibrant walls and echoes of laughter and excitement. M. Anand Basu, Headmaster of the school, reflected the essence of our fair through his generous feedback.

“ With extreme happiness and gratefulness, we felicitate our gratitude to Agastya International Foundation and Ingersoll Rand for their collaborative and eventful endeavor on the Art and Creativity Fair, Kala Kootami, conducted FOR the children and BY the children to inculcate their excellent, enthusing, educating, inspiring, motivating, interdisciplinary, exemplary and their wholesome invaluable contribution to the student community on the pedagogical basis.  

 All the students actively participated in the program. It is an enactive, iconic and a symbolic way of imparting education. All our students happen to learn and have their mind, view and vision on the innovative things displayed in the exhibition. Their earnest endeavor should continue further more year after year.

 The Art and Creativity fair, undoubtedly helped and improved our students’ interpersonal skills, concentration levels, as well as added a new depth of understanding to other areas such as self-expression and self-discipline.

 Thank you very much all.”

 Anand Basu
Government High Secondary School
Medavakkam, Chennai