Impressions: Teacher Training Program

26 Sep Impressions: Teacher Training Program

During our early stages of metamorphosis, we were focused on building an academic ecosystem that nurtures the best and brightest of India’s rising generation. But we soon realized that it was no good to spark creativity among India’s children if we didn’t simultaneously do the same for our teachers. This gave rise to our Teacher Training Program. Today, the program, serves as a laboratory for testing and refining teaching methods and training strategies. By kindling their creativity, the program instills unconventional thinking with an aim to bring a sense of discovery, surprise, and delight within the classrooms. The teachers have become an integral and influential factor in expediting our transformational movement forward.

Having participated in the program, Dr. S. Vincent De Paul, Principal DIET, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, shared his valuable feedback.

“I take this opportunity to appreciate your marvelous activities in promoting science learning for application and creating awareness on science and developing creativity among the learners. In addition, I observe that you are providing platform for all round development of the child (Innovation Lab, Art Centre, Media Centre, etc.). The resource persons like Mr. Manjunath, Prof. Somasekhar, Dr. Sarmistha Sahu and others took the constructivist approach / methods in a simple and useful way. 

I will take my experiences I gained here and share and promote it in my district. I request you to kindly take steps to establish such a life-needed organizations in each and every state of our nation, so that all children of our nation get a chance to feel such needful learning experience, and understand science in a proper way.”