Experiences Of An Educator: Shrishail Mathapati

30 Jul Experiences Of An Educator: Shrishail Mathapati

During our initial years, we realised that along with sparking curiosity among children, it was also important to spark the same curiosity among teachers. Through our Acharya Initiative Teacher Training Program, we are encouraging the constructivist approach to education so teachers can be the enablers of our movement.

Every year, many teachers go through the program and incorporate their learning within their classrooms. Shrishail Matahpati, principal of the Deshabhakta Ratnapanna Kumbhar High School in Maharashtra’s Rajapur, who attended the program at our Campus Creativity lab this year, has some glowing words of praise and valuable feedback.

According to Mathapati, the sessions have left him and his colleagues inspired and they have already begun incorporating the hands-on approach to learning in his school. “We are recreating the hands-on experiments we had seen there so children can also get inspired towards science,” Mathapati says.

He adds that they are also preparing to expand the boundaries of their classroom and teach using the methods they had learnt the Kolhapur district level. Mathapati is now sparked to build a lab for his own school, with a little investment of his own. “I am considering investing Rs.  5000 to Rs. 10,000 to create the lab. I have 10 years of service left and I can contribute a lot more to my students’ learning,” he says. “We are inspired but face some minor setbacks like lack of time in schools to implement what we have been taught.”says Mahapati . “But where there is a will, there is a way,” he adds confidently.