‘I want to be a research scientist when I grow up’

30 Jul ‘I want to be a research scientist when I grow up’

A student of class 8 of Rajkiya Balika Inter College, Noida Sec.51, Namrata Singh, with her eyes full of dreams and head full of ideas, is one of the Young Instructor Leaders (YIL) at her school. She has been in this school since she was in class 6 and has developed some new interests and skills ever since.

While she did not understand much in the science classes back in her previous school, now every morning Namrata wakes up at 5 to walk her way to school and looks forward to attending the science class owing to the new ways in which it is being taught. The science periods for Namrata are full of fun practicals with interactive models and charts that help her and her classmates understand complicated scientific concepts with great ease.

As a Young Instructor Leader, Namrata helps her fellow classmates with various activities, from clearing a doubt regarding studies, to facilitating co-curriculars. She recalls her favourite memory as a YIL when her teacher selected her to facilitate a Yoga class as she was well versed with the asanas and their benefits. “It felt nice when I got to lead a whole Yoga session and all my classmates followed my instructions. I loved the feeling of being the leader!”, Namrata says.

Namrata has participated in a number of science exhibitions organized by Agastya as well as Jignyasa, a state level model making competition. She fondly recalls her first experience at Jignyasa, for which she made a model of a Hotbox. She also recalls her favorite model showing the functioning of a human heart.

A model of a human heart made by Namrata

Inspired by her elder sister, Namrata wishes to grow up to become a science researcher. She owes her newly developed love and interest towards science to Agastya’s hands on learning techniques that truly spark curiosity and ignite creativity in young minds, motivating them to dream big!