The Roving Carnival of Innovation

04 Sep The Roving Carnival of Innovation

As strong purveyors of hands-on education, we are also constantly looking for ways to make it more accessible. Our traveling programs help us achieve just that, with each new program sparking curiosity among more children every day.

The latest of these initiatives is a bid to bring young innovators together and give them an opportunity to share their ideas with each other and the world. The Curiosity Carnival got off to a roaring start on August 6, with young minds from schools in Mumbai gathering to interact and learn from STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) interactive exhibits.

Visitors had the opportunity to take part in electronics, 3D printing and other workshops. The carnival follows the simple Agastya philosophy: if children cannot come to the carnival, the carnival will go to them. Over the next few months, with the support of ATE Chandra Foundation, the carnival will travel to Pune, Navi Mumbai and other locations across Maharashtra.

The mega innovation fair will feature interactive exhibits, workshops and STEAM-based projects that will inspire children to come up with solutions for real-world problems.

Banao Bus 

Our science-on-wheels programs have been taking education to children across the country for over 15 years. We have come a long way since 2002 when our first Mobile Science Lab, loaded with science models and low-cost experiments, was launched.

With an aim of promoting collaborative workspaces that also include learning aids for children, we remodeled mobile labs to create the ‘Banao Bus,’. These mobile makerspaces travel to schools and teach children to design, experiment, build and invent.

Two Banao Buses were launched at the Curiosity Carnival by Archana Chandra, Amit Chandra and Anuj Bhagawati of the ATE Chandra Foundation.

Each Banao Bus is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including electronic tablets, computers, 3D printers and tool kits which will be employed by the instructors while explaining concepts to children. Agastya partnered with ATE Chandra Foundation and State Bank of India Mutual Fund for the launch of the buses.

In a manner similar to the carnival, the buses will operate in civic body or government schools and reach out to about 900 children before expanding their reach to Navi Mumbai and Pune.

The first Curiosity Carnival will be held from 3-6 October 2019 at the Nehru Science Centre in Worli, Mumbai.