INDRADHANUSH- A Rainbow of Creativity

29 Nov INDRADHANUSH- A Rainbow of Creativity

In the spirit of transforming education and making learning easier and more fun, we are always on the lookout to make things exciting and induce curiosity in more children each day. One such initiative that brought together a spectrum of different tastes, dispersing and showcasing the creativity of students was Indradhanush, that translates to ‘Rainbow’.

This exhibit of children’s journey with Agastya at Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Basai, Gurugram, comprised of different narratives, representing the phenomenon of a rainbow. Similar to the way sunlight passes through raindrops and creates a rainbow, these children underwent Agastya’s training and guidance and presented a rainbow of creativity and learning! 



The artistic expression of children in different forms blurred the lines between art and science with the language of creativity. A photo journey of our esteemed partner Sapient supported Gurugram programs was a part of this narrative too. Children gazed through the pictures and moved on to create patterns with thread painting. 

Aah! Aha! Ha-Ha!

Scientific concepts explained through Agastya’s Aah! Aha! Ha- Ha! approach,  this narrative was all about hands on learning using Agastya’s specialized models for various scientific concepts. Students explained complicated concepts with great ease to all the visitors and encouraged them to engage with the models for a better learning.

Main Bhi Creative

Exploring curiosity in a cost effective way, this stall was full of creative models made with a small budget. These models were made by the students  themselves, promoting innovation and creativity in the course of learning. Here, visitors witnessed various phenomena through children’s eyes. 

Bazooka ki Udaan


Flexing muscles to launch their rockets, students competed for a longer flight in the air. The cost effective rockets made by students themselves were launched in the air with the help of an air pump. A large crowd gathered to watch the spectacle of ‘Bazooka’s soaring high up in the sky!

Apne Andar Bhi Jhanko

Visitors received insightful lessons on human values like honesty, respect,  etc. through stories narrated by the students. This stall was full of illustrations, charts, and narrations, attempting to teach the inculcation of these human values in their daily lives. The students also put up small plays on the importance of saving water and trees.

Question Tree


After walking through the exhibition, visitors gathered in the shade of the Question Tree, one stop for all the questions they had regarding the things they saw at the exhibition. They wrote their questions on a leaflet and stuck them to the Question Tree, which were then answered by our instructor one by one.