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The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent closure of schools and educational institutions created unprecedented learning loss among children. This loss is especially evident among underprivileged children and teachers from resource-deficient schools. Agastya rose to the challenge of bridging these educational gaps with ActiLearn 1.0. The maker book contains over 50 ingeniously designed hands-on STEM and STEAM  activities, centered around key science themes. Adapted to the child's context and environment, they help to foster critical self-learning and collaborative and peer-to-peer learning. The book addresses the critical issue of a rapidly growing education deficit by providing children with an amazing and exceptional opportunity to learn joyously and actively, anywhere, anytime, with or without technology.



Creative potential of children


Hands-on learning.


A child's learning environment by engaging their peers and parents.


Learning loss, especially among children with little access to technology. 

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