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Agastya Foundation has developed ActiLearn 1.0, addresses the critical issue of a rapidly growing education deficit, by providing children an amazing and exceptional opportunity to learn joyously and actively, anywhere, anytime, with or without technology. Ingeniously designed hands-on STEM to STEAM 50+ maker activities with storytelling centered around key science themes adapted to the child's context and environment help to foster critical self-learning, collaborative and peer-to peer learning

ActiLearn 1.0 is available in both an interactive physical and digital form, in several vernacular languages. It provides children in Grades 6 to 8 an innovative child-centric mentor, a system of learning and improvement no matter their background. 20+ hours of hands-on learning Activities, with clearly stated learning objectives, range from simple to the more challenging and over 94% activities can be repeated by fellow children/siblings.

It helps to promote children's knowledge of science concepts and principles and build curiosity, observation, reflection, exploration and application skills. Children will learn to: CREATE- self-apprenticeship and unforgettable learning experiences DISCOVER -their calling and awaken their creative-active mind BUILD lifelong learning, confidence and social intelligence skills EXPAND hands-on knowledge and awareness of science in real life INTEGRATE knowledge across disciplines

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Agastya International Foundation is a registered non-profit organization 

Agastya International Foundation
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