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Support STEM Learning for
1 child at the

Agastya Campus


Support STEM+Innovation

+Art Learning for 10 children

at Agastya Campus


Support self-learning in

STEM for 30 children

through Acti-Learn


Support Design

Thinking & Innovation

Learning for 10 children for 1 year


Support village night

schools for 50 children

1 year (200 sessions)

Our Mission

Agastya USA is dedicated to transforming the educational landscape in India, focusing on underserved school children and government school teachers. We believe in sparking curiosity, nurturing creativity, and fostering confidence in young minds. Through our hands-on, creativity-driven learning approach, we aim to inspire innovation and out-of-the-box thinking and prepare the next generation of scientists, engineers, educators, and community leaders.

Our Work

Guiding our work is a commitment to experiential learning in science, the arts, ecology, and design thinking. Our programs are designed to make learning engaging and accessible through interactive projects, exhibits, models, and experiments. We emphasize peer-to-peer learning, enabling students to grasp complex subjects with ease and joy.

Our expansive network includes:

  • A 172-acre Creativity Campus in Gudivanka, Andhra Pradesh, featuring Innovation Centres and Labs.

  • Nationwide outreach across 23 states in India through 95 satellite science centers.

  • Over 160 Mobile Science Labs and approximately 75 Labs-on-Bikes.

  • Science fairs, village night schools, peer-to-peer Young Instructor Leadership training, and digital learning initiatives.

  • Innovative Teacher Transformation programs that equip educators with tools and techniques to improve their teaching methodologies.

Our Impact

In the last 25 years, Agastya USA has:

  • Transformed the learning experience for approximately 25 million school children

  • Trained over 300,000 government school teachers.

  • Nurtured countless students who have risen from challenging circumstances to become capable professionals and leaders.

  • Created a creativity-driven hands-on learning model that encourages children to think independently and apply learning innovatively.

Our Goal

This India Giving Day, March 01, 2024, our goal is raise enough funds to extend our reach to 37 million school children over the next 5 years.

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