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What is it?

Anveshana, our science and engineering fair fosters creativity, innovation, and critical thinking by bringing together  engineering students and school students.


It engages them in collaborative problem-solving, emphasizing hands-on learning, research, and practical application of engineering concepts, while promoting a spirit of mentoring. The fair takes place every year in over six locations across India. The participating teams solve theme-based problems, competing before a jury to pitch their ideas and projects.




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A peek into Anveshana 

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Ambassadors of Agastya's mission

Our project done with Engineering College Student Mentors exposed us to the fascinating world of science and technology, guiding us through the entire product development cycle from ideation to deployment and marketing. The event allowed us to engage with some of the best minds in the state of Karnataka, providing a unique platform to network and build valuable connections.

Sinchana B and Anisha

Participating in Anveshana was an incredible experience that allowed me to grow as a scientific thinker and innovator. Being mentored by engineering students provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the project development process. Their expertise helped me to understand the technical stuff and improve my presentation skills.

 Mallikarjuna Nittali

This is the first time in my life that I participated in a National Level Competition. I learned a lot about how to do and present projects during my project work.


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