Art on Campus

At Agastya, Art is propagated not only within the boundaries of the classroom but also throughout the expansive greenery of the Kuppam Campus. The campus is extensively filled with artwork made from environmentally friendly materials.

The artwork on display at the campus include:

  • Kitchen mural: Made entirely out of scrap metal and kitchen utensils, the mural is a display of animals commonly found near kitchens like ants, cockroaches, and rats! 

(Work is still in progress, visit us in October for the complete mural!)

  • Water tank: Children love to play with water, which is why Agastya chose them as ambassadors to bring across the value of conserving water. Through the emotions displayed on the children's faces, Agastya hopes to accentuate the importance of saving water for future generations.

  • Installations: Exhibits made entirely out of recycled materials can be found all around the campus. How many can you spot?
  • Garbage cans: At Agastya, even the garbage cans are not ‘let off’! It is in hope that these brightly coloured cans will motivate staff, students and guests to dispose their waste properly.
  • Discovery Centre: What is worth mentioning is the giant strand of DNA mural that was collaboratively completed by students from both rural and urban schools. In September 2009, students of Bangalore’s Mallya Aditi International School visited Agastya’s Kuppam campus to join hands with rural students to create this noteworthy piece of artwork. In addition, the various elements accompanying the DNA strand also have their relevant significance. For example, Ganesha the Elephant God – an overcomer of obstacles – sits at the prime position of the entrance to the Centre, signifying Agastya’s perseverance in overcoming all odds to provide learning for poor children. 

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