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Tamil Nadu

Andhra Pradesh

While we are headquartered in Bengaluru, our reach extends all over the Indian subcontinent. Nestled right at the point of confluence of the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Agastya’s Campus Creativity Lab has established itself as a beacon of education and innovation for children and teachers in all three states. 


The 172-acre campus is home to more than 20 labs, which ensure that there is a constant flurry of activity. About 600 children visit the campus everyday to learn in an experiential manner. The curriculum and events at the campus, like all of Agsatya’s programs, supplement the syllabus in schools and are bespoke to get children to experience the Aah! Aha! And Ha-ha! of hands-on education. From looking through the lens to capture the world around them in the Media Arts Lab to brainstorming solutions to the problems in their surroundings, each lab provides a unique experience to children who visit from the nearby schools. Our instructors act as catalysts for this process and also undertake outreach programs in communities. 


The ecology in the campus, restored with great care by ecologists and environmentalists,  serves a dual purpose  -- maintaining the integrity of the natural ecosystem and teaching children about the various varieties of plants and animals. 


“I feel that Agastya can become a brand for identifying and nurturing talent; a springboard for people to just leap into a different environment than what they are familiar with. You meet these people who are so concerned about what's happening in our country and want to do something.” ~ Sujatha Ramadorai, Canada Research Chair at University of British Columbia, Canada

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