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From 'Yes' to 'Why'

While our programs expose students to hands-on learning to spark creativity, curiosity, awareness and problem-solving aptitude these skills bring about five important behavioral shifts – from saying ‘Yes to Why’, from ‘Looking to Observing’, from being ‘Passive to Learning to Explore’, from being ‘Textbook-bound to Hands-on’ and from ‘Fear to Confidence’.

Gauging the impact

Our programs now serve over 23 states in India, with our impact team handling data from over 100,000 participants annually. We utilize an impact assessment framework developed by IIM-Bangalore, focusing on four key parameters: awareness about our teaching methods, curiosity, creative problem-solving ability, confidence and scientific knowledge.

Quantitative impact assessment (2022-23)

Sample size : 83,241 students

Understanding of the concepts & application of the same

Behavior characterized by exploration, investigation, observation, and a desire
to learn more about new, incongruous, or unknown elements

The ability to stand up and speak their mind, to develop a consciousness of their own ability and to demonstrate the same

Our Impact stories

Experience Agastya's impact through our remarkable stories of transformation.

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Transformed lives

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